*Dj's Cockapoo Babies*
Rusk, Texas

Comments and photos from our families

Pups From our Past

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful dog. Dora really is a
joy. She is only 9 weeks old and paper trained already. And, she often
whines to go outside, although I can't always get there quick enough. She
walks very well on leash, eats good, sleeps good through the night.

Her health is fine. She gained a pound over the last 2 weeks. She had a
day at doggie day care yesterday and I guess was the star of the show.
Everyone has a fit over her and she really likes people. She is very
affectionate and does that thing with her head to nudge your chin when
she wants some love. She's learning quick just to chew on hands gently.

Here's the latest picture - taken yesterday.

Hi All,

I'm having so much fun scanning and sending out pictures of Sadie.  The
good news for all of you is that I'm out of film at the moment.  Sue
Peterson came by this week with her wonderful camera and picture-taking
ability and took these great pictures of Sadie among the bluebonnets.
Come play with her when you get a chance.  Have a wonderful and blessed


Hi Jackie,

Wanted to let you know that Chamois is doing great. The vet wanted me to have the hair removed from around his eyes and mouth so I had him groomed. Who knew he had that pointed chin under all those curls?

Here's a recent photo. As you can see, he's adorable.

Hope you are well.

Cheryl Lockhart, APR


Liza...The Ogilve Family

Jackie, I wanted to write to thank you so much for giving our new puppy, Lucy, such a good start in life. She is so sweet and smart.  She is lighting up our lives!

I feel so grateful that I was able to find a wonderful cockapoo breeder such as yourself. You were always so good to us, opening your home\par to our family, sending us updates on Lucy's progress and some great pictures.  We felt like we knew her before we came to pick her up last Friday.  Lucy is everything we'd hoped for in a dog and we will treasure her.

We will keep in touch and send you pictures as she grows.

Thanks again for everything!

The Hirsch Family

I gave your email address to some members of the Yahoo Cockapoo Club.  They were so impressed with a picture of Molly. I hope that was o.k.  I took Molly back to the Vet yesterday and she had gained almost a pound in two weeks. She was 1 lb. 12 ozs. and has gained to 2 lbs. 8 ozs. She is such a cutie. She has so much personality and a little mean streak. When she misbehaves and I have to scold her she really fusses.  She also hates the sound of my husband's snoring. He fell asleep in his chair on Sunday and began to snore. Molly went crazy and started barking. Needless to say that was the end of the afternoon nap.  I am attaching a recent picture of Molly. I was not sure that you received the other one.

Here is a picture of Molly Claire with her new look. I was very specific about liking her fluffy. So what does she do? She cuts her pretty close. Oh well, it will grow back. Isn't she getting to be a big girl?

I just wanted to send along some new pictures of Murphy. These are after he went to the groomer. They cut him a lot shorter than I wanted, but I find it interesting that he is buff-colored underneath.  Hopefully he will grow back out to the same colors he was when we got him. If he doesn't, we'll love him anyway. Murphy is now over 11 pounds.  We started puppy training at Petsmart and he is doing very well.
Did you find homes for the new pups or did you decide to keep them?

Teresa Pack

Hi. I bought a little red female Cockapoo from you about 6 months ago. Her name is Chewie. I sent you a pic of her awhile back, which you posted on your "puppies in their new homes" section of your web page. Chewie is the last pic, on the bottom of the page (in the little t-shirt).

I wanted to thank you for this puppy. She has been a wonderful little companion. Her disposition is wonderful. I'm wondering if you remember who her parents were, and if there are pics of them on your page. I'd love to see them.

I'm not sure of you'll remember me (I'm in Dallas). We talked on the phone quite a bit.  I would like to know how your husband is doing. I remember he was in a Dallas hospital with Leukemia.

Last, would you like to see some more current pics of Chewie? She is just flourishing. I can't take her out with out people fawning all over her. I've even been asked if she's real, 'cause she's so darn cute, people think she's a stuffed animal sometimes. Look forward to hearing back from you.    -Mark-

Dear Jackie,
Sorry I have been so negligent in letting you know how Buddy is doing. He is so adorable, sweet and smart. When he goes to the groomer people just go crazy over him. I should know because I am too. He is doing very well and is a vital part of our family.  I can't believe he will be 1 in January. He weighs about 14 lbs. now and is spoiled rotten. Wishing you a happy holiday season.
The Skulman Family


Hi Jackie,
I just wanted to let you know how much we have fallen in love with this adorable little puppy!!!! Her name is Dixie and she is already being treated like a princess!!! I can't tell you how many people have already commented that they would like to get a cockapoo too.  Don't worry - I have highly recommended you!!!!!!!!! Tonight she starts her first day of puppy school. Her personality seems so sweet - when she sits in my lap, she is just so content and snuggly - yet when I put her down, she goes wild aand crazy and just wants to play. She is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much - I couldn't be happier!!!!! Sincerely, Andrea

hey Jackie!
did you get the email I sent you of the update on
Timon last week? If not, he's doing awesome and we're
having a blast with him! He is so adorable! When
will your new pups be ready and do you have any
pictures? Timon needs a little friend! We have one
problem with getting a new puppy right now. We have
to travel in June for our wedding and again in August
for my sister's wedding. But, let's talk more and see
if between you or Carla we can't figure out something.
Sound good? Oh, do your new puppies have the same
mommy or dad as Timon's? I'll check out your new web
page tomorrow and call you soon! I'll also take some
pictures of timon for you. he's 5 lbs now!

keely and timon
Hi Jackie!
I thought you'd like to see these pictures. I need to get some more new ones for you. Daisy is doing great! She is 5 lbs. now and teases Timon all the time! They get along so good and play non-stop except when Timon needs a break and either jumps on me or the couch for a safe place! What's hilarious is how they pick on each other. Daisy likes to bite at Timon's ears. So, Timon will tilt his head down towards her and then take off running when she tries to grab it. He's not always quick enough though and now has lopsided fur on his ears. And, then Daisy will play with a toy and she'll try to get Timon to try getting it away from her. They are way too much like little kids! They are adorable! I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll send more soon!

Hi Jackie,

Just wanted to let you know that Princess is doing well & is healthy & happy. She's a stubborn little thing, since she's a Taurus, but she's so cute that she gets her way all the time & is already very spoiled, of course.

Hi Jackie -

I've been meaning to send you a note to let you know how well Desi is doing. He seems to love his new family, is very happy and playful, yet has a nice mellow temperament, which many people have remarked on - considering how young he still is. We take him with us all the time when we go out and he seems to enjoy new people and places. He is very smart, is going to "school" with me and my 7 year old daughter and is a good student! We love that he is very cuddly and loves nothing better than to curl up at our feet!

Thank so much for sending him to our family! Please know that he is very loved.

Seth Frohman

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to send you a brief note updating you on Fujie... I can't
believe she's seven months old already! Anyway, she is absolutely
perfect. She is so smart, aware, funny, loving, well-mannered...did I
mention loving?...we are crazy about her. She's still the biggest
face-licker--all 10 lbs. of her:-) Whenever we're out and about people
stop and comment on her astonishing cuteness; everyone at the school
where I teach is in love with her...the students ask me to bring her in
every day. I'm sorry I don't have a current picture to share with you,
but hopefully I'll get around to that someday soon. Thanks
again Jackie--she's a treasure!
Tina in California ***********************************************************************
Just wanted to update you on the black cock-a-poo we purchased from you back
in April. Her name is Chloe and she has been a wonderful puppy.  I have had
many people ask me where I got her because everyone just loves her.
Hopefully if they decide to get a puppy they will contact you. I will try
to send you a picture of her so you can see how cute she is.  If anyone
needs a reference from you on how good a cock-a-poo is please feel free to
give them my e-mail. I would strongly recommend this breed for anyone who
wants a cute, loving puppy for their family. She is great with our kids and
with our elderly dog.

Trish Hawkins

Enclosed is a picture of Abby, who was born on 2-25-2001 to Suzanne and Majik.
Abby was purchased from you on 4-14-2001 and is a beautiful dog who has made us very happy. She weighs 18 lbs, loves to play and walks with me several times a day. You may not remember, but we had another cockapoo for 17 years that was put to sleep in March of this year; however Abby has brightened our lives more than you could know.
Thank you for bringing joy into our lives and I wish you a wonderful Christmas.\par
The Griffith Family

I just wanted to give you an update on Toby, the Maltepoo that we got\par from you last summer. He has been and continues to be an absolute JOY to all of us. He's now going on 11 months old and weighs 12 pounds. He loves company and has never met a stranger. Smart, smart, smart is how I would describe him--he learns tricks in minutes and LOVES showing them off for anyone who will watch.
Toby still sleeps in the crate next to our bed every night. At 10:00 every night, he starts pushing us to the bedroom, absolutely loving to go to the crate.
During the day when I'm teaching school, he has his own room in ourr house that he has NEVER messed in, even the first few days of school last August. He is truly amazing.
How often do you have Maltepoos available for adoption and do you ever have any with Toby's parents? (Snowboy and Tessa) Please let me know if/when there is one from those parents again.
Thanks again,
Alice Thompson
Dublin, VA

hi, jackie!

i purchased a cockapoo from you last december (well, he was born in october).
 i am writing to ask what your website is as i have a friend interested in
obtaining a cockapoo, too.  are you still breeding them?

i am so glad i took clooney... if you remember, he was not growing like the
rest of the litter.  anyone who has met him, falls in love with him....he's
that good-natured.  even the vet said she had never seen such a happy, loving
dog.  he's the best thing that ever happened to me.

at the last vet visit, he weighed in at 14 pounds.  i'm sure he's just a bit
more now, but has reached his growing peak, i think.  he's perfect!

hope things are well with you and if you could send me the address of your
web site, i will forward it to my friend.

thanks, again, for everything!

lisa & clooney

my scanner hasn't been working, so i don't have any updated pictures to send.
 as soon as i get one, i will send it to you.



Just wanted to let you know how well Belle, my cockapoo puppy is doing.  I absolutely adore her, I mean love her to death.  She is so getting big, she must be close to 7 lbs already.  She is completely house broken at home, she rings a bell when she needs to go out.  It only took her three days to learn that trick.  She is good in the crate, she is only in it at night and when we are not home.  She eats really well and loves to play!!!  She also loves to chew on my socks, but that's OK.  :  )  She's just too cute to get mad at.

Thank you for being such a good responsible breeder. I will definitely come to you for our next puppy.

Belle has definitely become a member of our family and we really love her.   Thanks again. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Have a good Thanksgiving.
Cyndi Kammerer

"Fonzi says he thinks we are "keepers" and he'll have a very, very happy
life in Colorado with us!
Oh, Jackie, What's not to love about this boy? He's an amazing little
creature and has brought us so much joy already. Always, great gratitude to
you and Roger for breeding such a charming, well adjusted and loveable
cockapoo that we are blessed to have in our lives now."

You're in my thoughts
Suzanne of Boulder


I wasn't sure if you would visit the yahoo1cockapoo group so here are a couple of Molly Claire's second birthday pictures.

I hope that all is well with you and your family.


Hello Jackie,
            How are you these days ??  I have thought of you
          SO many times and can't believe I haven't been in
          contact sooner !!
          WE LOVE OUR PUPPIES !!!
       We have been SO SO happy with them - we cannot
          thank you enough.  They are so full of personality
          and so good-natured - we couldn't have asked for
          sweeter puppies !!! They are also smart & VERY
          cuddly - a big plus - and very lively.  They have
          brought us all so much pleasure - even more than I
          imagined.  After losing our 15 yr.old dog last summer,
          we are thrilled to have their energy and enthusiasm !!
          They are getting their first real haircut today and being
          spayed on Friday.  We took them in the car with us
          to Fla. for spring break last week and they were great
          there too - charmed all my family down there as well.
             Just wanted to let you know - if I had time to figure out
          my digital camera, I would send photos - I have lots
          but they are regular prints.  I'll try to send some if i have
          spares.  THANK YOU !!   Nancy & Family
                                  ( and Annabelle & Bailey )

Hi Jackie,
Here are the latest pix of the puppy with my brothers pug.  We named her Tai and she is doing great.  She is really smart and is almost housetrained, she plays ball and follows me everywhere.  I was wondering if you could emal pix of her parents, I don't think I have seen them.  Thanks!  Michelle Walsh

Jackie:  I didn't get a Christmas card to you with Penny's picture.  She was a puppy of Rusty and Angel's from August 6th.  I did want to let you know that she has truly been a blessing in our lives.  She's very smart--having very few accidents at this point and she allows my 6 year old to dress her in doll clothes and strap her into a doll stroller for fairly long rides around the house.   It had taken us a long time to talk my husband into getting a dog at all, but he and Penny are the best of buds.  In fact, he has her sleeping with us!  I made an appointment to have a chip placed, and he actually worried about taking her for fear it would cause her pain.

Thank you for sending her "Baby"--the little stuffed dog.  She sleeps with it all the time.

Kathy Rohret

Hi Jackie!

Merry Christmas!  Hopefully you don't have as much snow in Texas as we
do in New York!

Belle my puppy is doing great.  As a matter of fact, my aunt and uncle
met her yesterday and are interested in a puppy from the next litter
that Fatima and Harley have.  Do you plan on any upcoming litters with
them?  They really want a sibling of Belle's.  They wanted HER but I
would never allow that to happen.
They are seriously interested, my cousins are dying for a puppy and one
of my cousins birthdays is in the spring.
Please let me know as soon as possible if a Belle sibling is likely any
time soon.
I also have another person, my boss, who expressed interested in
another sibling puppy.  I am not exactly sure how serious he is, but he
says he wants one for his son and if a litter is likely I will let him
know to reserve a pup also.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
Cyndi , Tom and Belle

Right after Patti's little dog died of throat cancer I contacted you and had little Kiah flown up here. The black wiggle butt has taken over the household. She is brighter than a small star, charming, mischievous, occasionally destructive, more fun than a barrel of chipmunks, and occasionally very loving. That little butt moves around so fast I fear that her whole back in will fall off. Patti has had the worst nine months of her life suffering from a rare and extremely painful neurological disease. Kiah has been a constant source of humor, comfort and joy. The big dog, Casey (Lab) puts up with the little clown and shows unusual patience. We couldn't be more pleased or happy with the choice we made and the dog you provided. These long eared ones constantly need to have their ears checked for fungus and ear mites-but what the heck. We have human problems that make ear fungus a walk in the park. Thanks again. "KIA (H is silent) Means giver of life in Hebrew."
Gary and Patti VanLandingham

Hi Jackie,

The puppies are so wonderful!  They arrived early and were clean and happy.  The bigger black puppy was alone in a crate and my puppy ended up being with Julie's puppy. They are so resilient.  You wouldn't know what a big trip they had. We drove them all home, (stopped to play a couple of times along the way) and settled them in to each of their new homes.  My puppy (we think his name is Toby) ate, drank, did his business inside and outside and is sleeping "like a baby".   My son Jamie (age 11) is taking the day off tomorrow to get Toby into a routine (and because he can't stand the thought of not being with him). We are so happy. Thank you


Hi Jackie,

The puppies arrived safe and sound to Boston at 600 tonight.  They all seemed fine after their day of travel.  We had an exciting trip from the airport with some very happy children ( and puppies too) and let them run together in a field to let off some energy. Then each went home with his/her new family.

Winnie ate two small bowls of food (about 1/4 cup of food) and drank some water. She still seemed hungry after she finished her food- but we did not want to overfeed her. Can  you tell us how much you fed her each feeding? We want to make sure not to change too much too soon.

She is a sweet adorable pup and we are already falling in love with her.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.

We will keep you posted.


Hi Jackie,
Milo is sooooo wonderful. He is the best dog in the world(I am a little prejudice). Anyhow, how do you feel about a family of 2 cockapoos? My daughter is asking for another puppy and I am unsure as to how I feel about it.
and Milo(1 1/2 years old now)

Although I still don't have the capability to send you a picture of Maximus, I just had to tell you how very thankful we are that he came into our lives. My wife, Mary Beth, is very happy with him. He's just the right dog for us. By the way, he's healthy and brings a smile to both our faces when we look at him. He's simply marvelous. Thank you for being so kind as to make it possible for us to get him. Whenever I get the capability, I'll send a picture (or two) to you via email. Again, Mr. and Mrs. Stafford, thank you for Maximus. millard

Jackie, The puppy arrived successfully and is a complete asset to our family of 5. Doodles is a good boy, working on potty training and doing real well. He is well loved and takes the front seat now over my 5 month baby. Thank you for everything and I will keep you posted on Doodles. Sincerely, Cori Jack ****************************************

Hi Jackie, Max here with an update on the puppy I got from you a few weeks ago. In my last email I mentioned that I named her "Harlie" but I decided after about 3 days that she needed a better name. Her name is now "Cookie". I figured that would be a more fitting name since she looks like Cookie Monster when she eats doggy biscuits (most of the biscuit falls back out of her mouth in pieces) and she looks kinda like an oreo cookie with the white on her chin and tummy. She's a lot of fun but quite a handful. It seems like she has an almost unlimited supply of energy the way she's always running around exploring stuff. She's already proven she's smart enough to figure stuff out pretty quickly (which is not -always- a good thing). I just took her for a walk and it tired me out more than it did her. She's very sweet though and extremely playful (much to the cats' dismay) and I love her quite a lot. - Max H *******************************************

Jackie, Just wanted you to know...Elle is the JOY of our lives, and everybody else's, too!!!!!! She is utterly adorable; and we truly think she must be especially brilliant, too! Alicia Fusselle ********************************************************************

Hi, Jackie - how are you? Just had a friend request information about cockapoos. Everyone who meets Dora thinks the breed is so wonderful. I gave them your web page address so you may be hearing from Arkansas sometime in the future. Dora has become just the very best companion for me. She won't let a person be gloomy. If I'm just sitting around she comes and pulls my socks off and starts a game of chase. Or, she brings me one of her toys to throw for her to retrieve. Of course she sleeps in the bed at night and goes just about everywhere in the car with us. She loves to go to the bank and to the drive-thru pharmacy to get treats. Her vocabulary (words she understands, I don't mean she can actually talk, ha) - it's incredible. When I got her home yesterday from boarding (she was there 2 nights) - I told her she really needed a bath - so, she ran in the bathroom and jumped in the tub! I know people send you pictures of the puppies right at first, but I wanted you to see how well she has turned out. She is about 20 pounds now, at one year of age. She is just about perfect. Best wishes, Alta Ramsey ****************************************************

Hi Jackie- I just wanted to say thank you so much for our puppy. We named her Bonnie. She's 4 months old now and the talk of the town here. We can't take her anywhere without causing a crowd to gather around her and everyone asks where we got her. Hopefully you might get some new business from Bonnie's city of Benicia, CA. Here's a Christmas photo of our kids with Bonnie. She loves the kids and is doing very well at potty training. She has slept through the night for a while now and she doesn't bark except when she's playing hard and having fun and then she even scares herself when she does bark. She's beautiful and a great addition to our family. Thank you again for your care and attention to your puppies they are great! Sincerely, Brian, Theresa, KC, Andy and Lily *******************************************************

Lily is growing and learning so fast! She is adorable. We are really working with her on training. She knows the commands "leave it" and "go potty" we are working on "heel" and "stay". She's catching on so quickly. She actually went to the door to be let out all on her own without us asking her! Wooo hooo! What a great feeling that was! Her hair is getting really curly. She got her first grooming and she looked about half the size. It made her look so grown up. After a couple of weeks, she's getting a little more fluff back on her. We bathe her ourselves and she is so stinking cute after a fresh bath. I even let her take a nap with me on my bed. I can't believe what a new dimension she's added to our family. She's the first grand dog in the family and she's going to visit Mimi up in Colorado and will meet Aunt Puddin the 14 year old black poodle. That will be a tale to tell. I've decided to go ahead and get her spayed in a month or so. The vet said when her teeth start cutting is a good time. Her little knee caps aren't that stable. He had a name for it but whatever it is, it's only a level one. It's fine for a pet but I didn't want to risk future knee problems. I also read about 2nd generation schnoodles possibly having weaknesses from the genetics as they pass on down. I don't know, but I do know that I'd be a wreck trying to handle my kids and a house of pups too. We love our little puppy and she loves us too. Thanks for all your efforts to have such darling puppies that spread so much joy. I can't get the past pup photos up on my screen but feel free to include Lily. Danna Lily gets her first official Schnoodle cut. Thought you'd like to see your little Tiney as a big girl. She's 6 months now! She's so smart and has a great personality. We had her spayed 2 weeks ago and it didn't even phase her. I keep sending my mom to your website to look at the babies. She says she'd take our Lily in a heartbeat. Danna Harris *****************************************************************************

Hi Jackie, Thought you'd like to see these pictures of our puppies. Louie is the black cockapoo we got from you 2 years ago - he's the black spot on the pictures. Dinka is the cockapoo we got from Carla. Charlie is the puppy we picked up from you a month ago for Darrell. All are doing very well, as you can see. There's a lot of love in the air! Debbie Saltzman (281) 514-0338 ******************************************************************

Itís me Baxter (ďakaĒ Baxter Busby, Baxteroony, Bax, Fat White Boy)!! Requested gifts include toilet paper rolls (preferably with the paper still attached), old socks and dirty underwear. I had a great time for my birthday yesterday. My mom took me to PetCo to get a toy and a bone (thus, the dirty face above), and Graysie had to stay home! She freaked out, but it was my day! Then we went into Party City to get me a hat for my birthday picture and I made lots of friends. I let everyone pet me and didnít bark at all! One year must be the magic age because I didnít bark at the Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru either! My mom decided that I am now the perfect dog Ė until I growled at her when she took my bone away later. Oh well, I canít be perfect. Someoneís gotta make Graysie look better! As a bonus, hereís a picture of me at bedtime. When I donít want to get in my crate, I hide under the bed and peek through the bedskirt. Think anyone can see me? Too bad my tailís hanging out the other sideÖ. Iíd also like to send a Happy Birthday shout out to my biological sister, Ellie! Take care all, Baxter P.S. My mom already knows sheís a total weirdo, so donít bother telling her. Sheís too old to care. J ***************************************************************************

Hello, Jackie. Here are some photos of the puppy we got from you. He is a bundle of energy and is doing well with our other 3 dogs. You did a good job of training him to go on paper. Take care, Dean & Mai Just want to let you know that our little Jackson (in Austin) is doing great. He was a real hit a Christmas when our boys and their friends were home from college.. He and Andy, our golden retriever, are the best of pals. Now I am worried about how long Andy will live. Jackson would miss his warm pillow. They are adorable all curled up together. Now my 93 year old mother-in-law has moved in. I am planning to have her at obedience class with Jackson this month. I think it will be good therapy for her to learn how to interact with a dog. (PS: The obedience class is for Jackson. HA! HA!) ****************************************************************************

Dear Jackie: Sorry to take so long to give you a cockapoo update on our little guy (whom we've named Bo). Bo arrived safe and sound in the airport. The poor guy, he was a bit nervous and scared at first, but quickly got used to his surroundings. The next day, I tried to give him his first walk, and he showed what would be his trademark stubbornness- he refused to walk on the leash. That day, my brothers, sister, mother and I gave him to my dad as a present. He was so adorable that he was quickly welcomed into the family. He's grown up fast. He's up to 15 lbs, and is a bit bigger than my sister's cockapoo already. He has long legs and is still a bit awkward and uncoordinated, like a colt. His hair has changed from black to silvery. Thank you for bringing Bo into our lives. He has brought us so much joy. Here are a few pictures. Enrique *********************************************************

Hi, we thought you might be interested in seeing some recent pictures of Maxx. He is 8 months old now and the joy of our lives. He is such a love bug. He loves to fetch and he still plays with the little blue frog you sent home with him. In the first picture he had a hair cut. He loves to play in the water when we are using the garden hose. Looks like little drowned rat when he is wet. He is extremely intelligent! We would love to know what his parents look like. Which was the poodle and which was the Lhasa. What color were his parents. Maxx has a lot of white in his black coat. His mustache is very light even though he is black. Is the super cute picture you sent a photo of his sister? Were there only 2 pups from that liter? Why don't you breed Lhasapoos anymore? They are an extremely cute breed!! We want to thank you so very much for Maxx. He has been a real blessing to our family!! Also, thanks so much for the quick response. Please tell us all you can about Maxx and his past. Thanks again, Jean Deats ***********************************************************

Hi Jackie. I have not talked with you since after you shipped us Debbie our maltepoo in Dec 2001. She is the sweetest thing the family has ever seen. My son, husband and I adore her. Her joy in life is to be with us and the kids who come over to play with my son. We are thinking about another maltepoo to keep her company and are wondering if you have another female available. My son has been pestering me for weeks. Debbie's mother was Heidi and the father was snowboy or showboy (i'm not sure of the spelling). We would love to hear from you. Thanks so much. Kitty *******************************************************

Hi Jackie, Milo is sooooo wonderful. He is the best dog in the world(I am a little prejudice). Anyhow, how do you feel about a family of 2 cockapoos? My daughter is asking for another puppy and I am unsure as to how I feel about it. Lori and Milo(1 1/2 years old now) **************************************************************************

Hi Jackie, FIRST night in the crate without throwing a hissy fit. There is light at the end of the tunnel (hope its not the train). :-) Vet visit went well. Strong heart, no hernias, ears and eyes fine, etc. Fell dead asleep on the exam table during post exam discussion. The staff went nuts over her. I think we have locked in on 'Dj's Lady Amber Sassyfrass'. Sherry should get a kick out of that, but who can compete with 'Lady Lucy Snickerdoodle of Cuddlespice'? I think Sassy is a dead ringer for Lady McKenna. I think I recall that she is out of Rusty and Foxy. In any event, Sassy is a beautiful little girl. I think her big sissy Bailey is even starting to acknowledge her presence. Sassy sends her love to her Mama and Daddy and all her friends at Dj's. Well, I better make hay while she naps. Hope this finds all well with you and yours. Best regards, Brad and Bonnie *********************************************************

Hi Jackie, Toby is the most wonderful puppy! We cannot believe how lucky we are to have him. He is sweet, affectionate, flexible, compliant, brave, SMART and great with all people and dogs and cats. He sleeps through the night...does most of his business outside and never soils his crate. Tonight he took a wonderful walk with us and kept up the whole time. He uses his leash well with a harness. And he is only 10 weeks old!! We are all so in love with him. Thank you for sending this bundle of joy our way. Laurie ***************************************************

Hi Jackie- Thanks so much for letting us come pick out our puppy this past Saturday. We were all very excited to see Gracie and her babies! Rick and I would like to come get the puppy, ( the female with the white mark on her chest) on Thursday, May 29th around 11:30. We can pick her up at your daughter's if that would work for you. We decided it would be easier to leave the kids at school while we made the drive. The kids only have a half day on Friday, the last day of school. Eric and Paige really want to show the puppies to their teachers before summer vacation! Let me know if this works for you. Thanks so much! Lori Daniels **********************************************************

Hi Jackie - I just wanted to give you a quick update on Maverick since we brought him home on Wednesday. He is managing nights and potty training very well for only being home a couple of days. I took him to the vet for his checkup on Thursday and they said that he is a wonderfully healthy little boy - in perfect condition (no mites or worms). I wanted to thank you for being such a responsible breeder and for taking such good care of our little guy. I've attached 2 recent pictures for you of Maverick in his new home and I'll keep you posted on his progress. Sincerely, Brooke ***************************************************

Just wanted to send you a note about our sweet little puppy Shadi! She is such an awesome dog, I know we could never get one nicier then she is. She likes to just stay by you and loves to be petted and loved! She never barks, is always happy and just a real joy!!! Is Fatima due with pups again? My friend that wanted one was dealing with a terminal illness in her family so the timing wasn't right, but she is looking at getting a pup! Yvette Zona *****************************************************

Howdy Jackie! Hope everything is going well in Rusk. I just wanted to send you the latest pictures of Murphy and Riley. They are the light of my life. Murphy is definitely a lap dog. He likes to be petted. Riley would like to be a lap dog, but is just a little too big. He settles for lying next to our feet. Riley grew to be taller than we expected. He is a good 5 or 6 inches taller than Murphy, although they weigh about the same. Murphy is short and stocky and Riley is tall and thin. Their personalities couldn't be any different. Murphy is pretty high strung and intense. Riley is very easy-going. Anything that happens is fine with him. He, of course, is still a puppy and gets on Murphy's nerves sometimes, but most of the time, they get along just fine. As I said before, they are the light of my life and I want to thank you again for giving us the opportunity to add them to our family. Teresa Pack ************************************************************

Dear Jackie, I can't thank you enough for sending us such a wonderful puppy. We named her Annie and welcomed her home with a "Puppy Shower" the following weekend. Complete with Scooby Do decorations, party bags for our guest's pets and plenty of food (for us). She got all kinds of toys and a new bed at her puppy shower. I took her to our veterinarian the Monday after she arrived from Texas. The vet said she was in excellent health and set her up for her follow up appt. on April 14th. She is everything we were looking for and more!! This is a picture of Annie at her "Puppy Shower". I will send more current ones later. Thanks, Steffanie Turini *************************************************************

Hi Jackie- I just wanted to let you know that Leo arrived safely in San Francisco this past Sunday. We received your package the next day. Thank you. Leo is already adjusting well to his new home. He is a very happy and bouncy puppy and seems to really enjoy his new yard. He is very smart about finding ways to let us know that he wants to go outside to play catch (almost constantly!!). We were so surprised and happy to find that he is already housetrained. We didn't realize that you would have him housebroken already -- BIG thanks!! We are so thrilled to have Leo as part of our family now. Thanks so much. Aleta ********************************************************

Hi Jackie, I wanted to send you some updated pics of our little girl Maddy. We purchased her from you in early April. Rick and I are very happy with her and she is very good girl. I hope that her sister as well has found a good home. Maddy has been a wonderful addition to the Smetana-Stuart Family!!! Regards, Paula Smetana *********************************
Jackie, We have been meaning to send you a picture of our beautiful baby. She is the most loving puppy, we are so fortunate to have her. We enjoy her company and can not image life without her. I thank Wayne every day for such a wonderful Christmas present. Mary & Wayne Barker ***************************************************
Hi Jackie, We're so glad that we found your website when we were looking for a puppy. We got Snoopy from you in late January and he's 6 months old now. His parents were Sissy and Raindrop. He's up to 22 lbs and is adorable. He's definitely become part of our family. Here's a photo. Hope all is well with you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone else looking to find a really nice puppy. Thanks again. Kathryn
****************************************************************** Dear Jackie, Just wanted to update you on Jack. He's a great dog. He's such a great dog, a friend of mine wants to contact you about getting a puppy just like him for her son. We're still here in Saudi Arabia. I'm one of the substitute cross walk guards at the elementary school here. I always bring Jack so he's well knows and loved among the kids. That is how Lauri and her son Will got to know him. Any way, I've given her your web site address and she may be contacting you. He is a very sweet dog Jackie. You did a great job picking one out for us. Thanks, Deanna


Hi Jackie, Just wanted to let you know that Callie Lou's buff male "Remington" is doing great! He went to the vet today for his next round of shots. He now weighs 3 1/2 pounds. He is such a joy and has such a great personality. He is so smart and really was already potty trained when we brought him home. He is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone that sees him has to walk up to me and ask me what kind of dog is he and where did I get him. Because he will not be tiny for much longer, I took my son Noah and Remington to have their picture made. As you can see I have two adorable sons. Thank you so much for your professionalism, friendliness, and giving me the most beautiful puppy ever. Thanks again, Michelle Bailey


Hi Jackie I adopted/purchased a llasapoo from you about 4 months ago, an adorable baby boy we named Oliver. He had a rough first day, flying up to New York but made it through like a champ. He ate well and slept well from the first day he was home. I also have a 3 year old cockapoo Belle who I adopted from you, she and Oliver are now the best of friends. I thought Belle was the sweetest cutest dog in the world, until Ollie came into our lives. Now there is a tie for first place. We love them both and are very grateful to you for breeding such wonderful dogs. I recommend Cockapoo babies to everyone who asks!! Attached is a current pic of Oliver and Oliver and Belle together. Thanks again Cyndi Jackson
****************************************************** Hi Jackie, Teddy is doing great and he is now a whopping 41/2 pounds. He is very very smart and he knows sit, stay, and come!! We are also working on the bell potty training. He is getting lots of love. Thanks again for the little guy!! The Browns*** ****************************************************************************** Hi Jackie, We love our new pup, we have named her Quincy. She loves to play with her big brother Brady and she really holds her own for a little girl. She has great spirit and has been very easy to train. She has slept through the night since the first week and she has a huge appetite for such a little girl. We will send pictures of both of them soon. Thanks for another great dog, I recommend you to everyone who wants a new pup. Cathy Dodge ***************************************************************************** Jackie...I do not know if you remember us...we adopted a buff male cockapoo ( you called him bean-nose) ...about 4.5 years ago...he was 4 mos. old at the time and you drove to Athens and we (my daughter and I) drove from Dallas. His name is Rizo and he has been a dream dog! Two years later, we lost our toy poodle, and adopted another cockapoo that was given to us by friends. He is little more "active" tempermentally. His name is Brio and he is 2. Now, my daughter is getting ready to leave for college, and I am wanting another baby! I have been looking for a black male. I saw on your website that you have some new pups! (I have been waiting)... Please take a look at our Christmas Card from last year...perhaps you will remember us...then I will call regarding a pup. Thank you, Stacy N. Broun P.S. I have referred several people to you and know of one who adopted a black male! -- *Despair comes from feeling cut off from all possibility: from any sense that success is possible, and from any sense that anyone else is experiencing despair as we are. The antidote is hope...* The Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman Stacy N. Broun, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist 3609 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, TX. 75219 www.drbroun.com

Hi Jackie, We have Oliver(roannie jays baby from January 2007, I forget his father) and Isabelle from Kissey and milkeyway 2004. Love them to death!!! I know I wrote you a while back and said oliver is a little weary of strangers and a big wuss, timid, but has warmed up tremendously and is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. Such an amazing boy...couldnít have asked for anything better. Heís just a goofy, lovebug. Sooo delicious. And is so amazing with everyone he sees on a pretty regular basis. Both are amazing with my 14 month old too. They play fetch with him. Give him kissses. Ride in the stroller with him! Anyway, we were looking on your site at the pups (those new cockapoos are soo cute), and I was wondering where your dogs that you used to breed go? Like kissey, milkeyway, roannie jay, etc? Iím into rescuing dogs now and am working with local shelter groups and I was curious to know where your dogs go when you donít breed them anymore...do they go to loving homes? Please donít give them to the spca, they are kill shelters. Itís so sad. Hopefully you keep them till they pass away, or give them to loving homes.... I attached some pictures of my two lovebugs. Hope you are well.. -Shira Paul

hi jackie!! it was so good to talk to you again... thank you for being so nice. :) here are two pics of oreo and sava.. i think you can figure out which one is oreo... :) he was such a well-behaved ring-bearer... :) i'll call you in the next day or two, i promise! alison

We just wanted to tell you how much we have loved to have Tucker, one of your Labradoodles, he has been the sweetest dog we have ever had for the past five years! Thank you for him!

Presley (below) is owned by the McMinn family

*************************************************************************** Just wanted to send you a picture of Zoe. We can't believe she's already 6 months old! We all love her so much and are so glad she's a part of our lives. She and I took a puppy manners class and she's on her way to being a well-mannered dog. She's a sweet baby girl! Erin


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