Updated Feb 1st, 2018

Taking deposits at this time.

Maltepoo Males available at this time. We have a tiny male Maltepoo that will be under 5 lbs. grown and we have his brother that will be about 10 lbs grown. The small pup would normally cost $1200 but he does have an overbite that is not noticeable . Due to his imperfection I am selling him for the same price as my other pups. The bigger boy is playful and hops like a bunny. Shihpoos born on Jan. 10th this year. These babies are $600 each and we have 4 black and white girls and 1 black and white boy. They will be about 8 to 12 lbs grown. Call me to make your deposit today. If you already have a deposit and are interested on one of these pups call me. Maltepoos pictured below. Shihpoo pics on request.

Please highlight and copy the application below and e-mail me at the e-mail link below and paste the application into the e-mail and send it to me with your answers. Thank you

Puppy Adoption Application

1. Name _________________________________
2. Address _______________________________________________________________________
3. Phone ___________________________________ Cell ________________________________
4. Children?________________________________ Ages? _____________________________
5. Other Pets? ______________________________________________________________
6. Do you have a current vet or a vet in mind? _____________________________________________
7. Do you work outside the home? ___________________________________________________
8. Are you willing to spend the time to potty train your pup and get up in the night if necessary? __________ young pups may have to get up in the night for a potty break
9. Are you planning to crate train?_________________________________
10. Are you willing to keep in close touch with me as your breeder and call me if you need me and keep me informed of my pups health?__________
I like to know how my babies are doing.
Please answer these questions and e-mail back asap.

Click on paypal link below to make a $200 Puppy Deposit after we have talked.


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