Dj's Cockapoo Babies
Rusk, Texas

Specializing in
Standard Poodles, Cockapoos, Shihpoos and Maltepoos

Precious pups for special people.

Our pups are raised in a home environment. We prefer for our families to set up an appointment and come here to visit. We do understand that it is not always easy to do. We do sell to families out of state with an application.
Pups will have at least one set of shots. If the pup is over 10 weeks old it will have more shots and started on Revolution before going to their new homes. Pups come with a 2 year gurantee against life threatening genetic defects and illnesses. We also provide a 7 day grace period for pups to be seen by your vet for a health check-up. Our warranty is a puppy replacement only. We want our families to have confidence in us as breeders and if you do not feel comfortable with us please do not buy from us. We plan to have a long term relationship with our buyers and want you to be as pleased with us and our pups as we would be pleased as you for being new puppy parents. We enjoy updates and pictures.

Concierge service available: We can deliver your pup to your home and set up your crate and discuss puppy ownership with you, along with a schedule for training your pup for $1 per mile. Crate and supplies cost extra. Please call for more information.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What do you feed?
Purina Puppy Chow

2. How long have you been breeding?
16 years

3. Which breed is best with Children?
Cockapoos (my opinion)

3.a.What is the difference in the different poos in personality and looks etc.?
*Cockapoos* are usually non-shedding, easy going and eager to please. They are very forgiving, therefore they are the best childrens dog.*Maltepoos* are happy, feisty and loving little dogs that look like a mop scurrying across the floor. They are usually fragile, therefore they are better for families with older children. They are non-shedding. *Schnoodles* are usually non-shedding, fiesty, somewhat vocal, and loving little dogs. They are sturdier than the Maltepoo and require less grooming. They are very loved by all that own them and have great personality. Some are even talkers. *Lhasapoos* are sweet little lap dogs that usually do not shed but some shedding has been noted on occasion. They are a very loyal companion and somewhat wary of strangers. They will bark when someone comes to the door. They are fine with children if raised with them. If they are not raised with children they could be less tolerant of them. Many single people like Lhasapoos as a companion so that they will have a fluffy little guard dog that will alert them of changes.

4. Do you ship?
yes, we have shippied all over the world but do limit our shipping to here in the USA Only.

5. Which is best? males? or females?
Males tend to love everyone and females tend to bond to one person in a family.   Many people prefer females but males are just as wonderful as long as they are neutered at an early age (my vet recommends age 4 months)

6. At what age do you let your pups come home?
8 to 10 weeks

7. Are your pups registered?
yes, we belong to the AKC, the NACR and the ACC

8. How much are deposits? $200 to $400 Are deposits refundable?

9. How much are pups?
Beginning January 01, 2019
Cockapoos $800 and up Maltepoos $1200 and up Standard Poodles $800 and up
shipping $250 to $300( no tax on shipping as the price includes the taxes)

10. Why so expensive?
Our adults are registered and the upkeep is expensive
Raising healthy dogs and keeping them healthy with vaccinations and good quality food is very costly.




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